June 22, 2017



With the changing scenario of technology development in the world, it has become very essential to keep pace with the technological advancement to be in market. The design and development department of any company is mainly responsible for updating the existing product to match with the latest technology available and also to develop the new products anticipating the future need of the society. The basic function of the design and development department can be divided into following three categories.


Innovation is the process of generating products that are unique in terms of performance, material or use.


Renovation is the process of modifying the existing products to extend their life in the existing markets or to fulfill the needs of the future markets. This function is essential to be competitive in the market.


Elimination is the process of pruning the old or unprofitable products from the product range. Planned and purposeful elimination of old and unprofitable product is a key to innovation,

Because, it frees necessary resources and

It stimulates the search for new products to replace the old.


1. Design of new product using the latest know-how and computer aided facilities.

2. Redesign of the old products with a view of weight and cost reduction and/or performance improvement to meet the market requirement.

3. Development co-ordination of the new products

4. To provide technical support to the marketing department.

Anticipating the need of the customer, nation, the company has to develop a new generation of products with the sole objective of total energy conservation, free from environmental hazards and to reach at affordable price to the users. Such new generation products are today universally acclaimed as the best in the world.

All such activities from design and development department have been grouped into a logical pattern or frame work and assigned to specific positions and people in the organization. The company has a line and staff concept and structure in the organization where each member of the group knows as to what is expected of him to contribute in accomplishing the organizational objectives in measurable terms. The way by which the goals conceived in planning can be achieved is made known to each unit. This is accomplished through appropriate delegation of authority, power and accountability system as adopted in the organization. At each level, departments are accountable to someone at the next higher level in the organization. Due important has been given to safety and security of men, materials and machines in the factory. Thus, Design and Development Department has a remarkable focus towards the end users.