April 10, 2017


It gives me an immense pleasure to bring out this blog intended for the benefit of mechanical engineering students and professionals. The important features of engineers’ portal are:

It is user friendly and provides information in a well structured manner.

It provides comprehensive and critical study of the aforesaid subject.

It contains questions solutions with examples.

This contains most useful topics to cater the basic requirements of mechanical engineering students and industrial professionals with a view to manage systematically in the plant on a particular subject.

The subject has been presented in a simple engineering script and easy to understand language. The relevant subject explanation arranged in the form of basic concept of engineering and its utilization. The treatment and presentation of the subject has been such as to be within easy grasp of mechanical engineers of varying degrees of intellectual attainment.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most comprehensive branches of engineering that involves the designing tools, production, planning and control and operations of mechanically functioning equipment. It also includes maintenance, repairs and overhauling. A well versed mechanical engineer should possess knowledge of core areas that includes material science, electricity, basic physical sciences, math, material engineering, hydraulics IC engines, thermodynamics and many more.

Except the above mechanical engineers are also expected to study and apply basic concepts of other areas such as Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automobile Engineering etc. thus a mechanical engineer is bound to possess the basic knowledge and skills of the below given segments such as

Role of Mechanical Engineers in Tool Engineering

Industrial Engineering and its activities

Knowledge of Electrical Instruments and Measurements to Plant Engineers

Maintenance of Equipments

Sealing of Flanges, Pipe Joints, Hydraulic Joints and Pneumatic Joints

Method of Casting Process and Its Importance

Managing Quality Control and Assurance

What Is Production Planning and Control?

Importance of Health Safety in Industries

Thus the above given areas provide an insight to fresh graduate engineers and industrial personnel, who would like to enter into the same. Since mechanical engineering and electrical engineering go hand in hand and mechanical engineering is adapted in electrical studies, a mechanical engineer’s presence is worthwhile in electrical field.