May 2, 2016


The management should attach higher attachments to training in safety and health, better maintenance of equipment, dangerous machines, safe working conditions and use of personal protective equipment. But unfortunately, the workers do not prefer to use the personal protective equipments and discard it on or the other pretext. The trade unions have also treated the safety and health issues as secondary before wages, monetary incentives and other benefits.

Both management and workers should lay equal stress on safety and health. The cooperation of management and employees will certainly reduce the industrial accidents and contribute to the company’s performance and profitability. Framing of rigid laws and providing harsh punishments may not be sufficient. Safety is a joint responsibility of workers and management.


Experience and research have established that accidents just do not happen, they are caused. It is found that 98% of accidents are preventable and 88% happen due to human failures, act and attitudes. Here supervisors especially have a great responsibility. The supervisors and managers are the key person in any safety programmed. To the workers, he is the management because he is in constant touch with the workers. The supervisor should have the responsibility to see that:

Each of his employees understands the properties and hazards of the materials, stores – handled, processed and used by them. He should make his workers safety conscious.

The necessary precautions are observed while using equipment including the use of proper safeguards and personal protective equipments.

They must understand and properly follow the established rules and procedures safety.

A supervisor should understand and concentrate on sources of accidents, maintain detailed statistics on accidents that happen in their department.

A supervisor can render great help in investigating employee suggestions regarding safety and their implementation.

He sets a good example and maintains good employee relations.